EXPOSED! Man Who Married Two Wives Same Day in Delta Lied About 4 Rounds of S1x Every Night

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that it’s not possible for the man who married two wives same day to make love to his wives every night, going two rounds each. They argue that such is possible only if the man has a very high libido. They added that a man who goes through the normal stress in Nigeria, may not be able to have s*x every night. Some of the men and women interviewed by Sunday Telegraph noted that it’s impossible to achieve.
A female doctor and a surgeon among them however, had a contrary opinion, when she said: “It’s one hundred per cent possible going by my experiences as a relationship counselor.”

Sola Ibrahim, a Laboratory Scientist, is one of the young Nigerians who spoke with Sunday Telegraph on the issue. He stressed that such number of rounds in s*x may be impossible to achieve.

He noted that it’s not possible for the newly wedded man to have sexual intercourse with his two wives twice each every night. Where would he get such strength from? He stated that it takes complete one month for a sexually active man to recover what is lost in terms of nutrients in just one sexual intercourse.

If actually, this man is doing what he just told the public, he will soon fall sick. Johnson Effekodo, a Lagos-based teacher has a contrary view. He said he had tried to go on such escapades but couldn’t achieve it.

“While in school, young female schoolmates openly bragged with boys and dared to beat them in s*xual marathon competition.

“When the session gets underway, the boys tried all they could to win the contest, but in most cases, the girls emerged winners. As school boys and girls, we did a lot of things that should not be allowed to happen again among the young generation.
“For this man that said he sleeps with his wives four times in one night, some things are not just right.

“S*xually active or not, certain things can’t be done naturally. Suffice me to say that it’s only with performance enhancing drugs that one may attempt this, but what this means is that, such s*xual activities are dependent on drugs. How long can this continue?

“As an undergraduate who was sexually active, I once tried to go three straight rounds with my girlfriend then. I did the first and the second rounds successfully but while starting the third round, I discovered that my joystick went down of its own without proper ejaculation, because my body was over-driven.”

He added: “At a point, I felt that something was passing through my urethra and no single semen dropped. The question here is how quick could this lost nutrients and semen be replenished and stored back, ready to be discharged again? If we are able to answer this question, then it becomes clearer whether the man with the two wives is telling the truth or not.”

Musa Ishakwu, a Lagos trader, who believes in the power of sex enhancing drugs, said people use these drugs to drive their s*xual urge beyond the unimaginable.
“Personally, I have never experienced such level of sexual marathon before. Going four rounds every night with two women is a big task. When you go three rounds, you will gasp for breath, let alone four rounds, not just once a month but every day, no way.

If we are talking about four rounds from 9 p.m till early morning, it’s a different thing; it can happen but not all the time. The resilience of the human body is not as strong as that. Sometimes, with the real feelings, you may want to have a very tough s*x, but sometimes, you just want to have one round and in a gentle way,” Blessing Okoh, who is in her early 30s, told a reporter.

Sylvester Ikpowonsa, a Research Fellow, told Sunday Telegraph: “What the newly wedded man said about his two wives is a white lie. Is he trying to tell us that his wives don’t experience the monthly menstrual cycle? I believe he was quoted out of context. I guess he didn’t mean to say that. May be it’s an exaggeration that people took to be reality. It’s not possible.”

Dr. Abraham Morgan, an Associate Clinical Professor of urology, and a S*x Therapist, stated that, after one good shot of a s*xual intercourse on a good day, not everyone is ready for the second round. Women may be primed to go for a second round few seconds after the first big win, but for men, it’s not so easy.

He noted that no matter what the brain of a man is saying, his body just won’t comply. He said: “Men actually have an in-built recovery period after sex. It’s called the male refractory period (MRP), and it’s the time after ejaculation – lasting from a few minutes to a few days – when a man is unable to get an erection again. While women don’t have an equivalent allowing for the possibility of multiple orgasms. Every man experiences some kind of post-ejaculation recovery period. Men are wired differently.

A young man may be able to have five or more erections and orgasms in a day with a new partner, whereas another young man in the same circumstances may not have the urge or ability to have more than one. It really depends on a handful of factors. “The biggest is age.
Teenage boys can have a refractory period of a few minutes, a 30-year-old man is typically unable to have a second orgasm for half an hour or more, and for several others who are 50 years and above, one orgasm per day may be all they can achieve,” says the Professor of Urology

He noted that other factors that come into play are the levels of desire and sensitivity. How turned on you are, the quality and emotional state of the relationship. Whether you have been drinking, circumcised and what medications you are using. How comfortable you are in your environment is also very important.

“There are pretty a lot of things that would affect your ability to get it up to start with, but even more so because you are fighting against your body’s natural inclinations to recharge,” he added. Adebowale Julius, a minister of God said: “We were taught that having s*x on a regular basis is part of a healthy and normal adult life.

But when s*x gets in the way of your day-to-day activities, it might be time to seek professional help from a doctor or therapist and even from a psychiatrist. Human appetite for sex grows and shrinks, and successful couples need to manage these ups and downs.
I don’t know how people can go without se*x for so long! No matter how tired I get or how late it may be, I will always find time to have a good sexual intercourse. Once or twice every night has been the norm for me up until a few months ago.

Now, it’s probably three times a week.” But an Ogbomosho-based Medical Psychiatrist, Dr. Yemi Ogun, said on the matter of s*x, it’s not a matter of seeing a psychiatric as there is no impairment on the functioning.

He said the new groom who sleeps with his two newly wedded wives four times every night doesn’t mean there is the need to see a psychiatric. “When there is impairment in a function, coupled with other symptoms, we begin to make a psychiatric diagnosis.

This man said he has sexual intercourse with his two wives four times every night and he has not told us that he falls sick every day after doing it, and none of his two wives have complained, then it means his body could carry it and there is nothing psychiatric about that. “The issue for me has been taken out of contest. If there is a high libido, there will be other psychiatric symptoms before you can make a diagnosis.

High libido on its own does not amount psychiatric case. Yes, the man in question might be a bit higher than normal; it’s an extreme case of normal spectrum but he doesn’t have any psychiatric problem.” A female doctor and a Consultant Surgeon with Havanah Hospital Lagos, Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Okafor, said, “It is possible a man have multiple s*xual intercourse with women, even more than four times.

Naturally, there are people with very high libido and there are also drugs and natural foods, like almond and other nuts that can improve sexual drives. “Locally, this can be achieved. I have treated a patient before who had wounds in her private part. She sustained bruises in her private part because her husband was a very sexually active man.

Her husband enjoys regular s*x, while the wife is always in pains. “After everything, we invited the husband and after some discussions, we gave him some drugs that would reduce his libido, which he didn’t know about. So, it’s possible. We call people in this category sexually active. They cannot stay without sex in a day. “There is another 28 years old man that sleeps with two girls every night. He doesn’t go to bed without two ladies by sides.

This man said he doesn’t like pre-intimacy, so he goes in without pre-intimacy. But one more thing, these people may be having a round of about 15 minutes or less but will still come up again even up to 10 times. People have different body metabolism. I know of another young woman who I met in the hospital. While she ovulates, she can go the extra miles.
She said that s*x means everything to her and she values it so much. This set of people needs counseling and God’s intervention in their case. We see a lot every day and that is why I said it is possible for the new bridegroom to have s*x with his wives four times before day break.

“While having s*x, the man in each round will ejaculate. The first and second might be full but third one will be a drop. But I can say here that in each of the four rounds, something will definitely come out, but an insignificant drop.”

On the medical consequences of such act of going four rounds every night, Dr. Okafor said: “Medically, it’s not good because human being who are extra active s*xually while aging would develop waist pains and others health problems because extra energy is burnt while young. Human bodies are not the same and their metabolism differs.”

On the secret of lasting longer in bed, a Psychologist, Samuel Orji, said those having sex should get their minds off the action, this helps to stay longer.

Because when you put your mind in it, you will feel every thrusting movement, which gets to the brain, thus releasing certain moaning sounds as those involved are lost in the act. “When you are feeling it, it sends some motor neurons to the brain this would release some hormones to the relevant gland which releases the semen.

At this point, ejaculation is knocking at the door. But when your mind is off it, you feel it gently while the action lasts. “Also, there are times you need to dig deeper and harder, but when you feel your semen is about come down, you need to pause a while, but keep your hands and mouth busy because your partner is on fire at that point, when she will be saying ‘don’t stop, don’t stop.’ Everything about s*x is mind, so you can control its’ pace until it gets to the point you are lost.”

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